Information for Students

APA Division 45 Student Travel Award Information

All undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a psychology-related program are eligible to apply for this award. Applicants must be current student members of APA Division 45. Read more.

Mentoring Programs

The Division 45 Student Committee has developed a mentoring program, matching students with professionals to help support students through the graduate school process. To learn more or participate in the program click here

Links and Shoulders Graduate Student Mentoring Hour is an annual graduate student mentoring event held at APA Convention and sponsored by Division 45. Graduate students and Division 45 mentor volunteers gather to informally discuss issues of interest to students, with time-limited, speed mentoring program format. In a supportive and safe environment, students who are typically under-represented in psychology graduate programs visit tables where mentors discuss specific topics such as interviewing for clinical internship, strategies for publishing your article, success in academic and teaching careers, and navigating bias in graduate school. Links and Shoulders is an important mentoring program and a highlight of events for graduate students to attend. Division 45 invites graduate students to schedule Links and Shoulders on their calendar and come out to interact with mentors while enjoying refreshments. We hope to see you at next APA Convention!

Campus Representatives

The Campus Representatives of Division 45 are student leaders who are committed to advancing the aims and mission of Division 45 at their respective campuses. Click here for more information.

Webinar Series

The Division 45 Student Committee hosts regular Webinar Series. Check out past webinars here.  

Minority Training Programs

APA Science Directorate for both master’s and doctoral thesis funding:

Division 45’s National Honor Society: Psi Alpha Omega

Psi Alpha Omega provides academic recognition for students of color and students interested in the study of ethnic and cultural issues within the discipline of psychology.

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