Interview with Dr. Su Yeong Kim, Outgoing Journal Editor

We invite Division 45 members, students, associates, and supporters to join us in wishing our gratitude and farewell to our Outgoing Journal Editor, Dr. Su Yeong Kim! With her six years in this role, we have seen Dr. Kim’s powerful work, leadership, and commitment to our Division values. Down below you will find the transcript from our interview with her, as she reflects on the journey and shares her inspirations for the future of our journal.

To give readers context, when did you first start at the CDEMP editor and when is your end date?

My term as CDEMP Editor started on January 1, 2019 and ends on December 31, 2024.

How has the mission and vision of the journal changed since you first started as editor?

The mission and vision of the journal has changed due to significant changes in the composition of editorial board members, also known as consulting editors. I have significantly expanded both the number of consulting editors and the field of psychology they represent. Traditionally, counseling psychologists were the mainstay of editorial board members and publications in CDEMP. I have expanded that focus to be more broad, with editorial board members and publications that encompasses developmental psychology to cognitive to health psychology. These changes have resulted in the impact factor increasing from 2.147 in 2019 to 3.30 in 2022.

What notable differences have you seen with the types of the articles that come into CDEMP overtime?

We are seeing more interest in discriminatory experiences than ever before. Different forms of discriminatory experiences, as it applies to populations not traditionally examined in the past, such as LGBTQ individuals with racial/ethnic minority identities. Discriminatory experiences are also being increasingly examined in national datasets, and experiences of discrimination across the globe are also being examined.

What is unique about CDEMP and why is a journal like this necessary and important for our field?

A specific focus on minoritized and marginalized groups in psychological sciences is important, given the increasing population size of such individuals in the U.S. Moreover, giving a voice to marginalized populations helps to decenter psychology’s traditional focus on WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic) populations.

How can journals do a better job at making the published papers accessible (and understood) by the public/community?

All journals published by CDEMP come with a public significance statement to make the paper more accessible to the public/community. We can also include accompanying policy reports and video abstracts for the public/community to make the research more accessible.

What recommendations do you have for those who are interested in being a future journal editor (of CDEMP or similar type of journal)?

Engaging with the editorial review process is key, starting with reviewing journal submissions, getting appointed as a consulting editor of a journal, and then Associate Editor to handle the manuscript review process of a manuscript, to become a future journal editor.

What new direction do you see the journal going / what do you think is needed for the future mission and vision?

The journal should encourage more authors to do registered reports. This is a novel form of publications in the field, where the methods and proposed analyses are peer reviewed prior to the research being conducted, and can be provisionally accepted with the intention by the journal to publish the findings regardless of study findings. More registered reports can help us reduce the bias towards publishing papers with only significant research findings.

What types of changes do you think are necessary for all future journals?

Future journals should more seriously consider the diversity of the study samples they publish, and be explicit in having authors disclose the sample characteristics to better situate the research findings in the context of study participants’ background characteristics.

What are your next steps after leaving this position? Do you have any plans to continue advancing the mission and vision of CDEMP / Div45?

I am planning to focus more on my research and advance the mission of CDEMP//Division 45 by continuing to examine factors that can dismantle the factors that disproportionately affect marginalized communities that lead to health disparities.