Campus Representatives

The Campus Representative Programs aims to promote the vision and mission of Division 45 onto university campuses.

Amir H. Maghsoodi

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Clinical Interests: My clinical interests are in working with students and young adults who are grappling with issues of identity, acculturation, and adjusting to major life transitions, especially immigrants and children of immigrants from South/Southwest Asian and Arab countries. With a strong emphasis on interpersonal processes in therapy, I particularly value the group therapy modality.

Research Interests: My research is broadly centered on identity development and sense of belonging, especially among historically marginalized and oppressed groups. My research is informed by the following perspectives: narrative psychology, acculturation and racial/ethnic identity development, lifespan developmental psychology, and attachment theory.

Asia Amos

University of Memphis

Clinical Interests: Asia: Transgenerational trauma; racial & ethnic minority clients and sexual and gender minority clients. Emily: Working with couples and sex therapy, and working with ethnic, religious, and sexual minority clients.

Research Interests: Asia: Transgenerational trauma and African-American women; decolonization of psychology in research and practice; black/intersectional/post-colonial feminism. Emily: Muslim mental health, international psychology, and LGBTQ populations. “

Caitlin Mercier

Louisiana Tech University

Clinical Interests: My clinical interests include mental health stigma, coping, and CBT with a relation-cultural approach among diverse populations.

Research Interests: My primary research interests include intersectionality, intersectional oppressions (i.e., gendered racism), and coping strategies with specific interest in examining Black women. Additionally, my secondary research interests include (non)religiosity and (non)spirituality and veganism.

Caroline Perez

University of North Dakota

Clinical Interests: My clinical interest is in the intersection of multiculturalism and health psychology. My emphasis is in intersectional and marginalized identities and the advocacy for those individuals.

Research Interests: My research interest is in positive psychology, specifically the cultural variations is the use of positive psychological interventions and culturally-tailored telehealth service provision.

Chemwapuwa Blackman

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, XULA

Ebony Lambert

Virginia Commonwealth University

Emily El-Oqlah

University of Memphis

Clinical Interests: My clinical interests include couples and sex therapy, and working with ethnic, religious, and sexual minority clients.

Research Interests: My research interests are with Muslim mental health, international psychology, and LGBTQ populations.

Juan R. Pantoja-PatiƱo

Loyola University Chicago

Clinical Interests: Work from a multicultural and social justice relational approach that validates the injustices of individuals and communities by recognizing their intersectionality, privileges, and areas of oppression. Fostering empowerment and prevention across communities.

Research Interests: LGBTQ and substance use prevention from a sociocultural lens, increasing multicultural and social justice awareness in counseling trainees, and acculturation in Latinx communities. “

Kerolos Sorial

Midwestern University

Clinical Interests: My clinical interests include forensic and correctional psychology as well as working with underserved and underrepresented communities.

Research Interests: My research interests include mental health and religiosity in immigrants, and immigrant health in general.

Kyle Schofield

Washington State University

Linda E. Guzman

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Clinical Interests: Integrated behavioral health, Latinx communities, immigrant populations.

Research Interests: Health disparities, attitudinal and structural barriers to care, acculturation, racial/ethnic discrimination.”

Lisa N. Cruz

Yeshiva University

Clinical Interests: Clinically, I am interested in helping people who are affected by neurological issues (medical diagnoses such as epilepsy) as well as those who are affected by severe psychiatric issues (schizophrenia).

Research Interests: My research interests include better understanding the relationship between the brain and behaviors across different populations (neurodevelopmental disorders, people with substance abuse issues, and those of different cultural groups).

Malini Basedo

University of Hartford

Clinical Interests: Interpersonal and relationship issues, adjustment and acculturation, identity development, and social justice and empowerment.

Research interests: multicultural competence, accessibility of mental health care, treatment program development

Marisol Beaulac

Pacific University 

Matthew Alcala

University of La Verne

Clinical Interests: LGBT people of color, individuals with substance use disorders, at-risk youth

Research Interests: Multiple minority stress, intersectionality, microaggressions, sexual health

Mona Quarless

Virginia Commonwealth University 

Natalia Saavedra

Western Washington University

Research Interests: I am focused on student of color sense of belonging on predominantly White college campuses and the various factors that impact the campus climate experienced by students of color. Specifically, I plan to explore the role that White allies play in creating more welcoming campus environments.

Noor Tahirkheli

UMass Boston

Rebecca Robles

University of La Verne

Clinical Interests: My clinical interests include Latinx communities, therapy in Spanish, immigrant families, and low income families.

Research Interests: My research interests include Latinx communities, acculturation, cultural factors and their impact on mental health.

Ryemaine King

Alliant International University, Fresno

Samantha Nau

DePaul University

Scott Barrera

Ball State University

Clinical Interests: Multicultural counseling, racial ethnic and LGBTQ+ identity development, and veteran populations

Research Interests: Racial ethnic identity development, discrimination and prejudice, and protective factors.

Shana Midgette

Fielding Graduate University

Tania Chowdhury

New York University

Clinical Interests: With the broader goal of translating research into practice, Tania is interested in developing and implementing culturally and structurally responsive practices for immigrant and Muslim communities at the individual and community levels.

Research Interests: Immigrant mental health and Muslim mental health, with specific interest in examining the disparities and complexities that are consequent of the intersection of multiple, marinalized identities.

Taymy Caso

New York University

Clinical Interests: I am interested in severe and persistent mental illness across mental health contexts. Most of my clinical work has been in outpatient psychiatric hospitals, and inpatient city and state hospitals. Presently, I work with cpl patients that have chronic mental illness, sex offenders, and individuals being evaluated for competency to stand trial, and those who have been found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

Research Interests: I am interested in minority mental health disparities, social determinants of health, and impacts of immigration trauma on mental health. Presently, my research centers around examining intersectionality, consensual non-monogamy and exploring identity development, among Latinx, transgender or gender nonconforming people of color over the life course from a dynamic systems theoretical perspective.

Tessa Long

Sam Houston State University