Division 45 Webinar Series

Welcome to our Webinar Series. The Student Committee of Division 45 holds regular webinar series throughout the academic year. Below are a list of short descriptions of past webinar series.  You will be directed to YouTube to view the content.

2018 Virtual Mentorship
Dr. Patricia Arredondo
Dr. Patricia Arredondo is a highly respected Latina Psychologist and well-known for her work in multicultural counseling. In session one, we are covering processing diversity social justice issues and how to think critically about issues of diversity.
Session two link: https://youtu.be/BCH6ZY_eRv0
Ms. Chantal Ramirez
Chantal Ramirez is a doctoral student in developmental psychology at the University of Texas Austin. Ramirez os studies bilingual development and is passionate about student mentoring and promoting diversity n academia and beyond.
Session one Link: https://youtu.be/DLhpmw3neVY
Session two link: https://youtu.be/xIkyOOklQDc
Dr. Sally Grapin
Sally Grapin is an Assistant Professor in the School Psychology Program at Montclair State University. Her scholarly and professional interests include social justice advocacy, the identification of specific learning disabilities, and systems-level interventions to improve school wide reading outcomes for K-12 students. The goal of this session is to describe career opportunities in school psychology. Specifically, I will describe the roles and functions of school psychologists, pathways of graduate training in school psychology, and employment opportunities. I also will describe the ways in which school psychology differs from other related mental health professions (e.g., child clinical psychology and guidance counseling).
Session Two with Dr. John Mortisugu: https://youtu.be/yOMS6JJhKjg
Dr. Eddy Ameen
Dr. Eddy Ameen is the director of the Office on Early Career Psychologists at the American Psychological Association. Previously he was the assistant director of APAGS. He graduated from the University of Miami with a PhD in Counseling Psychology. He is the national board chair of StandUp For Kids, a homeless youth organization providing street outreach and other services in 17 US cities. He just retired after five years as leader of a local coalition of LGBT youth advocates, which successfully advocated to ban conversion therapy, improve K-12 health education standards, require suicide prevention training of school personnel, and require LGBT cultural competency training of all DC healthcare providers. In this session we will: 1) Examine pathways of psychologists who’ve used leadership and advocacy to define their careers and their volunteer commitments. 2) Discuss ways to assess your current leadership and advocacy skill sets and how to communicate your skills to the public.  3) Review meaningful opportunities for involvement in APA and elsewhere based on the interests of mentees.
Dr. John Moritsugu
Dr. John Mortisugu is a professor at a Liberal Arts college. He has clinical and APA governance experience. Lead author of Fifth edition Community Psychology, with Elizabeth Vera, Frank Y. Wong and Karen Grover Duffy, (Pearson, 2013).
Session One with Dr. Sally Grapin: https://youtu.be/yOMS6JJhKjg
Dr. Elan Hope
Dr. Elan Hope is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at North Carolina State University. Dr. Hope takes an assets-based approach to investigate individual and contextual factors that promote well-being for marginalized adolescents and emerging adults who face racism and racial discrimination. In these session we talked about ways to maximize a postdoc experience for success in a tenure-track faculty position. We considered strategies for data collection, publication, and grant writing. We also considered strategies for self-care, shifting from a graduate student mentality, and job market considerations.
Session one link: https://youtu.be/3Yfe2Y6Z-TA
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson is a fifth-year counseling psychology doctoral candidate with a minor in Integrated Behavioral Health at New Mexico State University. She is currently a pre-doctoral internship at the University of California Los Angeles Counseling & Psychological Services. Her clinical interests include: emerging and young adults; culturally-relevant interventions & assessment; performance populations (athletes, active-duty military and veterans), integrated behavioral health and primary care. Her research interests include: race-related stress; health disparities, culturally relevant interventions, graduate training and health literacy. n these sessions, we will discussed how to get mentorship, create a supportive community, and seek opportunities that help set you apart.
Session one link: https://youtu.be/I76DvFGERyI
Julio Brionez
Julio Brionezis a doctoral candidate, and At-Large Member for APAGS General Focus. Julio researches suicide stigma, and had a clinical interest in preventing suicide by developing personal identity. Mr. Brionez is advised by Dr. Rachel Navarro at the University of North Dakota, and has worked with such people as Dr. Jacque Gray, and Dr. Lisa Flores. The session are to discuss the realities of internship, the importance of resource utilization while on internship, and the benefit of self-care for the year (and beyond). He also touched on networking, and finding a proper mentor after graduation.
Valamere Mikler
Valamere Mikler is a final year doctoral student in the PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology program with a focus in Organizational Diversity and Social Change at Walden University. Valamere S. Mikler’s research focuses on improving employees’ productivity and retention within organizations using the intrapreneurial approach, which will contribute greatly to maximizing employees’ loyalty to any organization.  What is mentorship? How to develop meaningful mentorship connections, mentorship resources, and  mentorship opportunities. It is my hope that mentees will take the information presented and seek a lifetime of mentorship because one can not become successful alone, a someone who has gone before (or mentor) is needed to help on the journey of success
Session one link: https://youtu.be/Z8kttDZseyw
Dr. Helen Neville
Dr. Neville talks about the publication process. She covers all of the aspects of this process from start to finish. Currently, Dr. Neville also serves as Division 45 President (2018). Her own publications continues to address the needs and lived experiences of Black communities.
Dr. Robyn Gobin
Dr. Robyn Gobin talks about the importance of grants, fellowships, and getting published. Gobin currently serves on the Division 45 executive council and also oversaw the Division 45 conference proposal review process. She offered a wealth of information and you can also find her on instagram.
Session One Link: https://youtu.be/5KcmA5EcBy4
Dr. Cynthia de las Fuentes
Division 45 Student Committee sat down with Dr. Cynthia de las Fuentes and talked Private Practice. We covered getting started, recruiting clients, working with clients within your skill set and how to refer, and all about budgeting your finances.
Dr. Bedford Palmer 
Dr. Palmer’s instagram game is fire. He has continued to create spaces within social media for positive messages about Black people. With Dr. Lamisha Hill, Palmer hosts the Naming It podcast. Not only does he maintain a very visual social media game but is also a professor, maintains a clinical practice, and continues to lobby issues within his state (California) legislator. We see you Dr. Palmer and we are honored to talk to you!
@drbfpalmer (Twitter & Instagram)
@namingitpodcast (Twitter & Instagram)

Integrated Primary Care

Webinar series with Dr. Jeffrey Ring discussing his experience as a Psychologists in the integrated primary care setting.

Beyond the Therapy Room

Webinar series with Dr. Miguel Gallardo discussing professional and ethical issues in the advocacy work with racial/ethnic and LGBT people.  He draws from his clinical practice and his experience as the past president of the California Psychological Association.

#BlackLivesMatters.. Psychologist in Training Edition: Self-Care While Caring for Others

Webinar session with Dr. Kira Banks discussing the importance of coping with the explicit and constant exposure to police brutality/death at the hands of the police. Dr. Banks draws from her experience as a Racial Equity consultant for the Ferguson Commission and her local activism to inform psychology students of way to engage in the Movement for Black Lives.

Solidarity March for Black Lives at APA

To discuss the unrealized potential of psychology to support Black Lives. We feel this march is needed because every psychologist in every division should be throwing their full support behind Black Lives Matter, not just the individuals, committees, and organizations who clearly care about the issue.