Cover of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology (medium)Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology

Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology ® seeks to advance the psychological science of culture, ethnicity, and race through the publication of empirical research, as well as theoretical, conceptual, and integrative review articles that will stimulate further empirical research, on basic and applied psychological issues relevant to racial and ethnic groups that have been historically subordinated, underrepresented, or underserved.

Especially welcome are articles that

  • Contribute to the psychological understanding of issues related to culture, race, and ethnicity through theory-driven or community-driven research. These issues may include (but are not limited to) developmental processes, family relationships, intergroup relations, mental health and well-being, disparities in mental health, health, and education/employment, and treatment and intervention;
  • Involve new, innovative or underutilized research and statistical methods and paradigms. These approaches may include development or cultural adaptation of psychological measures, laboratory experiments, community-based participatory research, meta-analyses, mixed-methods and qualitative, longitudinal, cross-national, and biological and genetic approaches.
  • Apply psychological science to the education and training of psychologists in matters regarding persons from diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, including delivery of evidence-based interventions to racial and ethnic groups that have been underrepresented and underserved; and
  • Critique and promote better science, public policy and service delivery through appropriate application of psychological theory and research on culture, ethnicity, and race. These articles may involve new theory or conceptualization and integrative reviews.

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