Student Committee

 Recipient of the 2018 APAGS Outstanding Division Award

Research Chair

Ayli Carrero Pinedo
University of North Dakota
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Latinx community, immigrant populations, integrated behavioral health

Research Interests: Health disparities, well-being, mental health stigma reduction, immigration, acculturation, racial/ethnic discrimination, with a focus on the Latinx community.

Student Representative

Desa Karye Daniel
University of New Mexico
Counselor Education and Supervision

Clinical Interests: Multicultural counselling and underserved populations, college students, academic based stress, and imposture syndrome.

Research Interests: College Student racial/ethnic development, University based microaggressions/racism/invisibility, and African Americans and intersectionality.

Campus Representative Co-Chair

Darren Agboh
The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Basic & Applied Social Psychology

Research Interests: Perception of biracial targets as a function of social cues, effects of communication modality (video vs. print) on unaffected bystanders’ responses to police brutality towards minorities (EEG and diffusion MRI

Campus Representative Co-Chair

Gabe Corpus
Palo Alto University
Clinical Psychology

Clinical Interests: Asian American culturally competent treatment, Multicultural approaches to counseling, Emerging Adults, Cultural Identity.

Research Interests:  Multicultural Suicide Prevention, Asian Americans and Filipino American psychology, Model Minority Myth, and Colonial mentality.

Mentorship Program Co-Chair

Yue Li
Indiana University Bloomington
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Adults, underrepresented populations, cultural identities, interpersonal issues, and humanistic/existential approach

Research Interests: Multicultural counseling, vocational development, and positive psychology

Mentorship Program Co-Chair

Chun Tao

Arizona State University
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: family of origin and relationship concerns, adjustment concerns, identity development, multicultural counseling, culturally sensitive neuropsychological assessment

Research Interests: discrepancy in marginalized populations’ experiences in relationship and career contexts; stress and coping in same-sex couples; challenges and strengths in inter-racial and intercultural relationships; cultural influences on vocational interests

Graduate Student Convention Assistant

Jessica Guadalupe Perez-Chavez

University of Wisconsin
Counseling Psychology

Research Interests: Multiculturalism, immigration, youth, race, and racism.

Student Liaison

Spondita Goswami
Saint Louis University
Clinical Psychology

Clinical Interest: Multicultural approach to therapy, Emerging Adults, Asian American, Immigrants

Research Interests: Racial discrimination and Mental Health, Establishing the Efficacy of Acceptance Commitment Therapy to overcome the deleterious effects of Discrimination.

Student Liaison

Lily Lau

University of Tulsa
Clinical Psychology

Research Interests: Culturally sensitive neuropsychological test development, culturally competent neuropsychological evaluation, neuropsychology of Asian Americans (especially among the geriatric population), cognitive rehabilitation of mild cognitive impairment and dementia

Student Liaison

Nelson Zounlome
Indiana University
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Racial/Ethnically underrepresented college students

Research Interests: Evidence-based prevention and behavioral interventions; mental health outcomes of underrepresented young adults; identity development of first and second generation Africans and African Americans.

Communications Committee

Tanupreet Suri
University of New Mexico
Counselor Education and Supervision

Clinical Interests: College student mental (and physical) health, cultural psychotherapy, and tele-mental health (distance based counseling).

Research Interests: College student identity development, social media/technology usage and mental health, and community-based healing practices.

Awards Committee

Victoria McNeil, M.S.
University of Florida
Counseling of Psychology

Clinical Interest: mental and physical health disparities.

Research Interest: multiculturalism and diversity competence, racism related stress, racial socialization and adolescent social identity, transgenerational trauma, and self-esteem.

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