Student Committee

Student Representative

Desa Karye Daniel
Kansas State University
Counselor Education and Supervision

Clinical Interests: Multicultural counselling and underserved populations, college students, academic based stress, and imposture syndrome.

Research Interests: College Student racial/ethnic development, University based microaggressions/racism/invisibility, and African Americans and intersectionality

Post Doctoral Chair

Heather C. Key Domingue

Emory University
Clinical Psychology

Clinical & Research Interests: Health disparities, minority health, HIV/AIDS, underserved populations, interpersonal/psychodynamic theory and psychotherapy

Campus Representative Co-Chair

Darren Agboh
The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Basic & Applied Social Psychology

Research Interests: Perception of biracial targets as a function of social cues, effects of communication modality (video vs. print) on unaffected bystanders’ responses to police brutality towards minorities (EEG and diffusion MRI

Campus Representative Co-Chair

Jacks Cheng
Indiana University
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Underrepresented populations (esp. queer people of color), international workers and scholars, police and armed forces, multilingual counseling

Research Interests:  Intersectionality, power and oppression, language and identity development, men and masculinity, and career and organizational diversity

Mentorship Program Co-Chair

Jasmine Jenkins
University of Georgia
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Child/adolescents, families, adjudicated youth

Research Interests: Incarcerated African-American youth, culturally specific interventions, racial/ethnic identity development, #Blacklivesmatter in social media

Mentorship Program Co-Chair

Farzana Saleem George
Washington University 
Clinical Psychology

Clinical Interests: Child/adolescents/families/culturally-relevant interventions/ trauma

Research Interests: Effects of race-related stress on psychological outcomes for African American youth; influence of family and neighborhood factors on child and adolescent adjustment

Graduate Student Convention Assistant

Yue Li
Indiana University Bloomington
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Adults, underrepresented populations, cultural identities, interpersonal issues, and humanistic/existential approach

Research Interests: Multicultural counseling, vocational development, and positive psychology

Research Chair


Nelson Zounlome
Indiana University 
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Racial/Ethnically underrepresented college students

Research Interests: Evidence-based prevention and behavioral interventions; mental health outcomes of underrepresented young adults; identity development of first and second generation Africans and African Americans.

Student Liaison

Roberto Luis Abreu
University of Kentucky
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: Latina/o LGBTQ youth

Research Interests: Latina/o LGBTQ youth parental and community acceptance and well-being

Student Liaison

Jessica Jackson
New Mexico State University 
Counseling Psychology

Clinical Interests: emerging and young adults; culturally-relevant interventions & assessment; performance populations (athletes, active-duty military and veterans), integrated behavioral health

Research Interests: race-related stress; health disparities, culturally relevant interventions and training

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