Student Committee

Lydia HaRim Ahn

Social Media Co-Chair

University of Maryland, College Park

Bahaur Amini

Student Liaison

University of Kansas

Clinical Interests: Culturally sensitive counseling with Middle-Eastern populations with a focus on Iranians, racial/ethnic identity development, anxiety and trauma-related disorders, adult children of divorce, couples & family, acculturation and adjustment, assessments (cognitive and learning).

Research Interests: Iranian American and biculturalism, cultural influences on the long and short-term impact of parental divorce, racial/ethnic identity development, cultural influences on decision making and values, and cultural humility and therapy outcomes.

Kaleen Carimbocas

Social Media Co-Chair

Palo Alto University

Krystal Christopher

Mentorship Program Co-Chair

University of Houston

Renato De La Rosa

Undergraduate Student Representative Assistant

Linda E. Guzman

Campus Representative Co-Chair

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Clinical Interests: Integrated behavioral health, Latinx communities, immigrant populations.

Research Interests: Health disparities, attitudinal and structural barriers to care, acculturation, racial/ethnic discrimination.

Keoshia Harris

Division 45 Student Representative

University of Texas at Austin

Clinical Interests: Health disparities, race-related stress responses and trauma, at-risk families and youth, mental health advocacy, cultural mistrust, multicultural competence

Research Interests: Broadly categorized as Black Psychology with a specific focus on the racial achievement gap, microaggressions, and the lasting impacts of racism (e.g. psychological, emotional, physiological impacts of racism)

Alyssa Hufana

Student Liaison

University of California, Santa Barbara

Christina Seowoo Lee

Research Chair

New York University

Clinical Interests: multicultural counseling; immigrant and refugee populations; trauma

Research Interests: Asian and Asian American populations; risk and resilience in youth; suicide prevention; community-based interventions

Chaniqua Mazyck

Mentorship Program Co-Chair

University of Houston

Savannah Pham

Student Liaison

Southern Methodist University

Clinical Interests: underserved populations, mental health disparities

Research Interests: acculturation processes, alcohol (mis)use, ethnic/racial discrimination

Rylan Rosario

2019 Graduate Student Convention Assistant Co-Chair

Howard University

Karen Powdrill

Karen Powdrill

Student Liaison

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Interests: multicultural counseling, race-related stress response, LGBTQ+ populations, neuropsychological assessment

Research Interests: neuropsychological assessment, racial disparity within neuropsychology

Pamela Rakhshan Rouhakhtar

Graduate Student Convention Assistant Co-Chair

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Shola Shodiya-Zeumault

FOCUS Student Editor

Shola Shodiya-Zeumault is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at Georgia State University. She received a BA in African American Studies from UC Berkeley and an MS in Counseling from San Francisco State University. In line with her academic studies, her research interests broadly lie at the intersection of race and mental health. Currently, Shola’s research explores the role of sociopolitical awareness and collective action in fostering hope and agency in BIPOC communities affected by environmental racism. Clinically, she primarily works with college students navigating racial identity, acculturation, and academic stress.

Ida Taghavi

Division 45 Conference Committee

Clinical Interests: Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), trauma-related, mood and personality disorders in children and adults, mindfulness-based and mind-body interventions, culturally competent evidence-based treatments and practices

Research Interests: Trauma, adversity, and resilience, health psychology, positive psychology, multicultural psychology, intervention and prevention, community-based participatory research (CBPR)

Terrill O. Taylor

Campus Representative Co-Chair

University of North Dakota

Research Interests: His primary research interests focus on issues of social justice, restorative justice, diversity, and multiculturalism with specific emphasis on individuals’ intersections of racial identity and sexual orientation.

Clinical Interests: Clinically he uses relational cultural and interpersonal therapy perspectives that emphasize empowerment and holistic change with an interest in working with system-impacted individuals.

Nelson Zounlome

Student Liaison

Indiana University

Albert Ly

Program Review Coordinator

Aashna Aggarwal

Program Review Coordinator 

Karen Powdrill

Mentorship Event Coordinator