Student Committee

Martinque Jones
Student Representative

Counseling Psychology
University of Houston

Clinical Interests: Identity development among adolescents and emerging adults, multicultural counseling, and group therapy

Research Interests: Racial/ethnic identity development, intersectionality, sociocultural issues in counseling and training

Christopher Decou
Campus Representative Co-Chair

Clinical Psychology
Idaho State University

Clinical Interests: Culturally resonant EBP

Research Interests: Study and prevention of suicide, ethnic minority health disparities, trauma exposure, and mixed methods

Amanda Waters
Campus Representative Co-Chair

Rosemead School of Psychology
Biola University

Clinical Interests: University students, racial/ethnic minorities, and disordered eating

Research Interests: Racial/ethnic microaggressions, positive psychology (humility and forgiveness), mixed methods

Patrice Leverett
Mentoring Program Co-Chair

School Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Clinical and Research Interests: Addressing educational disparities by 1) evaluating of school based behavioral interventions with minority populations and 2) developing and evaluating culturally responsive mentoring interventions for students in STEM fields

Della V. Mosley
Mentoring Program Co-Chair

Counseling Psychology
University of Kentucky

Clinical and Research Interests: Holistic health and well-being of LGBTQ youth of color, interventions fostering positive youth development, and culturally mindful interpretations of personality assessments

Ivonne Milagros Mejía
Student Committee Liaison

Clinical Psychology
Loyola University Maryland

Clinical Interests: Emerging Adulthood; Multicultural Issues; Latina/o Mental Health

Research Interests: Microaggressions in the Latina/o community

Sue-Mei Slogar
Social Media Co-Manager

School of Psychology and Counseling
Regent University in Virginia Beach

Clinical and Research Interests: Neuropsychology, health psychology, creative approaches to treatment (e.g., wilderness therapy), diversity issues in psychotherapy, and integrative medicine

Akilah Reynolds
Social Media Co-Manager

Counseling Psychology
University of Houston

Clinical Interests: Child/adolescents/families, forensics

Research Interests: Intersection of media and psychology, identity development, and possible selves

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