EC Members: Google Workspace

This information is for Division 45 Executive Committee members and those affiliated with the Executive Committee to manage the Division 45 Google Workspace.

General Information

Google Workspace includes Google Drive and Gmail. The goal of using the Workspace is to keep records across position changes and make managing the division easier.

Gaining Access

Anyone who needs access to the Google Workspace must email the web manager, Christy Byrd at to receive access. EC members will be automatically added, others need to indicate their role in the division and what services they need access to (Google Drive, an email account etc.).

Email Addresses

The following positions have email addresses:

  • President:
  • President-Elect:
  • Past President:
  • Treasurer:
  • Secretary:
  • APA Convention Chair:
  • FOCUS Editor:
  • Division 45 Research Conference:

It is recommended that you use these email addresses for official correspondence. The web manager can create new email addresses upon request, just send an email to

Setting Up Your Email

Your initial password is listed in this document. You will be asked to change your password when you log in. If you don’t have access to that document, request access or email the web manager.

Using Your Email

The account functions like a normal Gmail account. Log in at If you would like to forward all of the emails from the account to your regular email address, see the information below:

Google Drive

We have a Shared Drive where you can store any files related to Division 45. Your email address automatically has access to this Drive. To be able to sign into the drive with your regular email address, click this link and request access.

Other Google Workspace Apps

You can use the Division 45 Workspace for Google Calendar, Google Meet, Jamboard, Sites, etc. If you need to create anything in Google Workspace or would like to talk about your needs, contact the web manager.

APA Listserv

The Division 45 and Division 45 EC listservs are managed at APA. Here is information on how to subscribe and unsubscribe:

To SUBSCRIBE: Email with no subject and put in the body “subscribe list – div45eclist” (without quotation marks). You can also go to this link:

To UNSUBSCRIBE: Click here and send the message it generates or go to this link:


If you ever have any trouble with Google Drive or your email or you need to reset your password, contact the web manager.