Division 45 Student Representative Column

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Keoshia Harris

Greetings, Division 45 Family!


We hope you all were able to rejuvenate over the holiday season! My time as Division 45 Student Rep has come to an end, and I can truly say it has been an empowering journey to serve the division. During my time, I was able to establish relationships, engage in critical conversations, and advocate on behalf of the future professionals – the students. Granted, my time as student rep was riddled with constant adaptation to determine the best approach to help students who were negatively impacted by the pandemic, I’m truly appreciative of the experience. It challenged me to think outside the box and to be creative in the type of solutions proposed. As I reflect on my experience, I will truly miss meeting with the student committee. I will be forever grateful for the tireless hours, thoughts, and work each student leader committed to helping serve the students in the division. You all were an amazing committee and were a joy to work with. With my term now officially complete, I want to welcome you all to the new student committee. Thank you family for everything and cheers to an even better 2022! – Keoshia   


Stephanie Chin, Student Representative (University of Louisville)

Doreen Frimpong-Brago, Student Liaison (Midwestern University) 

Raquel Craney, Graduate Student Convention Assistant (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Jocelyn Gomez, Social Media Manager (University of Houston – Clear Lake)

Pooja Mamidanna, Campus Representative Co-Chair (California School of Professional Psychology)

Terrill Taylor, Campus Representative Co-Chair (University of North Dakota)

Chaniqua Mazyck, Mentorship Committee Chair (University of Houston)

Journa Cobite, Mentorship Committee Coordinator (University of Houston)

Hajr Muhammad, APA/NMCS Conference Committee Member (Wayne State University)