Division 45 offers several awards. To learn more about each award and how to apply click here. To see past awardees click on the awards below.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Emerging Professional Award
Charles and Shirley Thomas Award
Distinguished Career Contribution to Service Award
Distinguished Career Contribution to Research

Misc Awards

Awardees of the 1st James M. Jones Invited Symposium for Career Achievement in Ethnic Minority Psychology (2001)

  • Alice F. Chang, Ph.D.
  • Shelly Harrell, Ph.D.
  • Christine C. Iijima Hall, Ph.D.
  • Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D.
  • Pamela Trotman Reid, Ph.D.
  • Joe White, Ph.D.

Winners of the 1st Division 45 Presidential Citation for Outstanding Poster (2001)


  • Kermit F. Franklin
  • Kazumi Kutsuna
  • Jennifer S. Lee
  • Tina Shakhmalian

Honorable Mentions:

  • Felicia Brown-Anderson
  • Mark H. Chae

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