2019 Call for Proposals

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Call for Proposals for the 2019 APA Convention in Chicago

Due Date: October 12th, 2018

We are excited to be working with a number of division chairs in putting together several collaborative session proposals for the 2019 Convention in Chicago.

Reminder: a collaborative session is one in which several APA divisions come together to develop a one- or two-hour program (symposium, discussion, workshop, etc.) centering on one important topic. For example, the hot topic of activism/social justice through sports was proposed by Division 47 (sports/exercise psychology) and Division 45 was invited to be a collaborator, along with Division 44 (sexual orientation) and, potentially, Division 46 (media psychology).

Below is a list of potential collaborative sessions that Division 45 is either a lead or a collaborator. If you are interested in being part of a particular collaborative session listed below, please REACH OUT TO US! We need your help, creativity, and expertise! This can be a great opportunity for members of our division to network and collaborate on projects. It’s also an opportunity for you to work with colleagues you already know from other APA divisions.

If you have additional creative, collaborative ideas for sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us as well!


DIVISION 45 as Lead Division:

1.      Community impact through collaboration
– Possible collaborators: Division 27 (community), 18 (public service), 48 (peace/conflict)

2.      Service learning (for students and community impact)
– Possible collaborators: Division 27 (community), 17 (counseling), 16 (school), 15 (educational), 8 (social)

3.      Promoting health and mental health equity in ethnic minority populations
– Possible collaborators: Division 17 (counseling), 38 (health)

4.      Cultivating new generations of leaders in psychology (Academic/professional mentorship across diverse communities; e.g., interracial, cross-gender, cross-sexual orientation, cross-disciplines/subfields)
– Possible Collaborators: Division 44 (sexual orientation), 52 (international), 53 (child/adolescent), 7 (developmental), 2 (teaching)

5.      Race and policing
– Possible Collaborators: 41 (law), 27 (community), 46 (media)

DIVISION 45 as Collaborator:

6.      Family separation
– With Division 53 (child/adolescent; lead)

7.      Racial disparities in psychology-relevant outcome (e.g., cognitive functioning) OR psychosocial factors that mediate or magnify or attenuate racial disparities in health at different life stages
– With Division 20 (aging; lead)

8.      Non-residential fathering (parents who are in armed forces, incarcerated parents, parents who are shift workers or who work long distance, non-coupled parents)
– With Division 7 (developmental; lead)

9.      Social justice and activism in/through sports
– With Division 47 (sports; lead), 44 (sexual orientation), potentially 46 (media)

10.     Movement-based healing for trauma providers
– With Division 56 (trauma; lead), 35 (women), and 10 (creativity)