Division 45 Gmail and Google Drive Information

Instructions for Executive Committee and other leaders who use the Division 45 Google Workspace

Setting up your @division45.org email account

For primary EC members (President, Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer), please email webmanager@division45.org to receive instructions for logging into your account. The email will look something like this:

Subject: You have a new Google account for division45.org.


You have a new Google Account with the division45.org organization. Sign in to your Google Account to access the Google services your organization provides. If your organization has Google Workspace, Google services may include business-grade versions of Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google services you can use to collaborate with your team.

Your username: president@division45.org

Your password: Click Sign in below to set your password and sign in. To keep your account secure, follow these password guidelines.

<Sign in button appears here>

For your security, the reset password link expires after 48 hours. After that, please contact your administrator for your password.


The Google Cloud Team

Click sign-in and set your password for your new Gmail account. If the link expires, email webmanager@division45.org for a new link.

If you do not currently have an @division45.org Gmail account and would like one for your position, please email webmanager@division45.org.

Make sure you also check that your information and photo on the division45.org website is up-to-date and let the web manager know if any changes are needed.

Receive your @division45.org email to your preferred email account 

We prefer that you use your @division45.org email address for official business so that we can easily keep records for the organization. But we know it can be a lot to have many different email addresses. To receive and send email using your regular Gmail account, follow these instructions:

In Gmail for your regular email, go to Settings -> See all settings -> Accounts. Under “Send mail as” click “Add another email address”. Make sure “treat as an alias” is checked. [FINISH LATER]

Use the Division 45 Google Drive for your documents

We prefer that you used our Shared Drive for your documents. Feel free to create folders to organize the drive. You can create and edit documents in this drive using your regular Google account or your @division45.org account. Everyone on the Division 45 EC listserv will be automatically added to the Shared Drive. Please email webmanager@division45.org if you do not have access.

Please create all new documents within the Shared Drive. To move old documents into the Shared Drive: 1. Open the document. 2. Click the Move icon (folder with an arrow). 3. Click the Back arrow beside “My Drive” (or the current location). 4. Click Shared Drives. 5. Click the arrow beside APA Division 45. 6. Click APA Division 45. 7. Click Move. 8. It will ask you to confirm the change in ownership by clicking Move again.

Files that you move into the Shared Drive will keep the old sharing information and in addition will be visible to everyone in the Shared Drive. You can limit access by changing the sharing settings.

You can find more information on Shared Drives here: https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/9310351.

Join the Division 45 EC Listserv

To join the Division 45 EC listserv, follow these instructions:

To SUBSCRIBE: Email DIV45ECLIST@lists.apa.org with no subject and in the body
subscribe list – div45eclist
You can also go to this link: http://lists.apa.org/cgi-bin/wa.exe?SUBED1=DIV45ECLIST&A=1

Please note that the listserv and our Google Workspace are not connected. If you ever have any questions or need help getting set up, you can email webmanager@division45.org.

Rotating off the EC

If you have a @division45.org email address, please have your successor notify webmanager@division45.org so that they can receive emails.

When you leave the EC, you will lose access to any documents in the Shared Drive unless you make a copy of them. If you wish to retain access to certain files, please contact the file’s owner.

To unsubscribe from the listserv, click here and send the message it generates or go to this link: http://lists.apa.org/cgi-bin/wa.exe?SUBED1=DIV45ECLIST&A=1

More help

General information on using Google Workspace can be found here: https://support.google.com/a/users#topic=9296556. You can always email webmanager@division45.org for assistance.