About Psi Alpha Omega

Mission Statement

Psi Alpha Omega provides academic recognition for students of color and students interested in the study of ethnic and cultural issues within the discipline of psychology.

Psi Alpha Omega engages in, encourages, and supports efforts to recruit ethnic minority students into the field and profession of psychology.

Psi Alpha Omega provides mentorship opportunities to our members.

Psi Alpha Omega provides partial monetary assistance on a competitive basis to student members to present and attend local, regional and national psychology conventions.

Psi Alpha Omega sponsors competitive research awards in the area of ethnic minority issues for our student members.


The intentions of this organization are:

To enhance national recognition of the member’s early and continued interest in the field of psychology, and to acknowledge the dedication to academic success and excellence for students of color in psychology.  We also provide national recognition for all students whose primary   interests include the psychological study of ethnic and cultural issues.

To provide a forum for increasing one’s perspective about psychology and for building a sense of community and identity with others in the field of psychology for students of color in psychology and for students interested in ethnicity.

To enhance leadership skills.

To develop mentorship between students and professionals, to encourage research, to help support student members’ travel to professional conferences, and to encourage other associated activities.

To create opportunities for our student members and faculty professional interaction and mentoring outside the classroom.

To increase the number of our student members in undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology and to increase research interests in ethnic and cultural issues in institutions of higher education.

To increase the number of professionals in the field of psychology who are dedicated to the study of ethnic and cultural issues.

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