Spring 2021 Celebration of Students

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Linda E. Guzman and Terrill O. Taylor, Campus Representative Student Leaders

Linda E. Guzman

As 2020 came to an end and 2021 commenced, many students experienced hardships and triumphs amid a global pandemic. A substantial group of scholars invested periods away from friends and family to pursue an educational goal in the depth of an unknown future that seemed to resemble normalcy. Many of these students pushed through, sometimes without others’ support, and contributed to their goal of advancing ethnic and minority accomplishments in the field of professional psychological sciences. The APA Division 45 student committee celebrates students both in and outside of APA Division 45 who have made a difference at their institutions and in their communities. We lift these students’ profiles to recognize their academic, leadership, and service accomplishments.

Terrill O. Taylor

In this list, you will find students who won competitive national grants and fellowships, university awards, and students who have completed major academic milestones. There are undoubtedly many names not seen on this list that are also worth recognizing. If you know of a student you would like to acknowledge, please make a post highlighting the students’ accomplishment, and tag the Division 45 Student Committee at @apadiv45 and use the hashtag #empowered45.

NameInstitutionProgram What is your Good News?
Terrill O. TaylorUniversity of North DakotaCounseling PsychologyRecipient of a $5,000 Cultivating Healing, Advocacy, Nonviolence, Growth, and Equity (CHANGE) Grant from Division 56 (Trauma Psychology) for his dissertation research, “An Experimental Vignette Study on Race, Harm Severity, College Discipline, and Restorative Justice
Linda E. GuzmanThe University of ArkansasClinical Psychology Recipient of the APA Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship Program; The Chancellor’s Commission on Women Extraordinary UofA Women in Service Award
Caitlin MercierLouisiana Tech University Counseling PsychologyAPPIC Match: Texas Tech University. Submission of invited manuscript to TCP 
Melissa J. WheelerNorthern Arizona UniversityCombined Counseling/ School PsychologyRecipient of the APA Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship Program
Lisa N. CruzYeshiva UniversityClinical Psychology Recipient of the APA Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship Program
Juan R. Pantoja-PatiñoLoyola University ChicagoCounseling PsychologyProposed dissertation titled: Development and Validation of the Internalized Heterosexist Racism Measure for Sexual Minorities of Color
Ashley E. TurnerAntioch University SeattleClinical Psychology Created a support group for BIPOC doctoral students across the three Antioch schools; Preparing to submit a manuscript on decolonizing higher education with syllabus and pedagogy reform 
Christin MujicaUniversity of ArkansasClinical PsychologyRecipient of Division 56 Trauma Psychology CHANGE grant for a study focused on racial justice activists in academic settings. 
shola shodiya-zeumaultGeorgia State UniversityCounseling PsychologyRecipient of the APA Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship Program; Published manuscript, “Responses to the Unite the Right Rally: Perceptions, Stress, and the Moderating Role of Interpersonal Proximity”