Psi Alpha Omega Membership Application

Psi Alpha Omega Membership Application
  1. Full Members: Students in community college, undergraduate institutions, and graduate institutions who are ethnic minority or who have an interest in ethnic and cultural issues.
  2. Student members must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 at the time of application.
  3. Student members must have earned a “B” average in psychology courses.
  4. Student members must have completed at least an introductory level psychology course and completed 12 semester hours, or 15-quarter hours of total course work.
  5. High school students will be considered for Associate Membership and must show an interest in psychology and have an interest in ethnicity or cultural issues. High school students will not be eligible for monetary benefits. Once enrolled in college, Associate Members will be able to join PAO as a Full Member by fulfilling the college requirements and paying only an additional $10.00 ($30.00 total) membership fee. Full members are able to apply for monetary benefits.
  6. Faculty members need only complete the application (CV, Faculty Recommendation, and Unofficial Transcript not required).
Members should hold themselves to high standards of personal behavior and integrity. To be considered for Full Membership, students must provide a signature from a faculty member at their current institution which attests to 1-5 above.
(check all that apply)

Faculty member applicants do not need to complete.

Your reference should be from the department chair/faculty mentor. This individual will be required to complete a recommendation letter on your behalf which highlights your academic standing as it relates to the requirements of Psi Alpha Omega.
Please upload your 2-page abbreviated curriculum vitae
Please upload your unofficial transcripts showing you meet the requirements for membership. Faculty member applicants do not need to complete.
Please endorse your checks or money orders (no cash) payable to: Psi Alpha Omega Mail your checks/money orders (no cash) to: Dr. Enedina García Vázquez, PhD (Psi Alpha Omega) New Mexico State University College of Education Box 30001, MSC 3AC Las Cruces, NM 88003

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