Benefits of Joining Division 45

Why should I join Division 45?

  • It is the lens through which we look at research, practice, training relative to race/ethnicity.
  • In division 45, the lens through which we examine research, practice and training issues is on race and ethnicity.
  • We support and promote racial and cultural diversity in psychology.
  • We are committed to your career success.
  • We offer training, mentoring, and advocacy aimed at making you the best psychologist you can be.
  • We help you become a leader.
  • Division 45 offers support and collegiality, resources and education, professional development, friendship, meaning, emotional connection, ceremony, ritual
  • We promote examining research, education, policy primarily through the lens of race, ethnicity, power and privilege.

Benefits of Membership

Members benefit by having a forum in which to present their ideas and research, receive current information on the work of others, and have the opportunity to interact with others about their work throughout the year. The Division has several forums, including a convention program at APA conventions, a listserv for those who like to keep in close communication with others in the Division with regard to the goals and mission of the Division, and sponsorship of various conferences throughout the year. The profession benefits by having open discussions of ideas and topics directly relevant to the application of psychological principles to ethnic minority issues and by advancing the knowledge base of the profession.


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