Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Carolyn Attneave
  • Kenneth Clark
  • Carolyn Payton 1991
  • Harry Yamaguchi 1992
  • Martha Bernal
  • Robert Guthrie 1993
  • Joseph Trimble 1994
  • Amado M. Padilla
  • Esteban Olmedo
  • Arthur L. McDonald 1996
  • Ronald Fox 1997
  • James Jones 1999
  • Joe White 2000
  • Vera S. Paster 2001
  • Martha Bernal
  • Pat Okura 2002
  • Henry Tomes 2006
  • Derald Sue 2008

This award is given every other year to a senior person who has made outstanding contributions over the course of his/her career in the promotion of ethnic minority issues. Candidates for this award may have made contributions in educational, research, or practice domains. Nominations are generated from the Division 45 membership and the Awards Committee. Nominations are reviewed by the Awards Committee and the Executive Committee of Division 45, and voted on by the Executive Committee at its midwinter meeting. Nominations and review of candidates are due by mid-January annually. Awards are presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Each award recipient is honored at the convention with a reception in his or her honor and an engraved plaque.

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