Contribution to Research

Distinguished Career Contribution to Research Award

  • Amado M. Padilla
  • Stanley Sue 1990
  • Gail E. Wyatt 1996
  • Janet Helms
  • William “Bill” Cross 1999
  • Pamela Trotman Reid 2000
  • Donald R. Atkinson
  • James S. Jackson 2001
  • Teresa LaFromboise 2002
  • Hortensia Amaro 2006
  • Gerald Mohatt 2007
  • Guillermo Bernal 2008

This award was created to honor the contributions of a senior person in the field of psychology who has made significant contributions in research related to ethnic minority populations. Candidates for this award should have been in the field 15 or more years, and have made scholarly contributions in writing, publishing, and disseminating information on ethnic minority populations and issues, thereby substantively contributing to the current understanding of ethnic minorities. Nominations are generated from the Division 45 membership and the Awards Committee. The Executive Committee of the Division reviewed the nominations, and votes on the candidates during its midwinter meeting. Awards are presented yearly at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Each award recipient is honored at a reception during the convention and receives an engraved plaque.

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