What does Division 45 mean to our members?

These are some of the things our members have to say about our organization and why they’ve joined.

The source for cultural diversity and ethnic minority psychology for APA and society.

An organized, strategic body of psychologists poised to positively impact and support education, public policy, research, treatment and care for diverse populations.

The go to source for relevant and leading edge psychological science concerning diverse peoples.

Recognizes value and integrates multiple cultural perspectives in the practice of psychology.

Strives to end racial and ethnic inequalities of power and privilege that affect psychosocial well being.

Empowers our membership toward eliminating racial/ethnic injustice and influencing APA policy.

The division whose research, practice and advocacy expertise in issues related to culture, race, ethnicity and privilege is recognized as the gold standard.

A beacon for racial/ethnic minority issues in psychology that impact diverse lives.

Empowers individuals at different stages of their career/education to address issues of racial/ethnic minorities in research, practice, and education.

The voice for cultural diversity and ethnic minority psychology within APA and society.

Increases awareness of ethnic minority issues and empowers our members to impact these issues.

Recognizes, empowers and fully integrates cultural diversity and ethnic minority issues into the practice of psychology and all its realms.

A platform to promote cultural diversity and ethnic minority mental health issues including leadership development, interorganization collaboration, and promoting human welfare.

A place/space where I do not have to “sugar coat” my research interests that deal with race and ethnicity among college students. A place/space where I am encouraged to push academic boundaries.

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