Division 45 Bylaws

Notice: Bylaws Amendment Vote

The Executive Committee of APA’s Division 45, the Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race has voted to propose 11 amendments to the Division Bylaws. These proposals are intended to increase representation and engagement within the Society with key constituents and also give Society officers more effective governance and operational structures to serve the Society’s members. These amendments require a 2/3 majority vote of those members who vote in order to pass.

This message is notification that the revised bylaws will be available for vote by the Division membership on or about November 1. Division members will receive their ballot from APA via email. Current bylaws provide a 30-day voting period, therefore you may cast your vote until November 30, 2020. You are being asked to vote:

  • Yes (approve these amendments)
  • No (do not approve these amendments)
  • Abstain (do not wish to vote on these amendments)

A summary of the proposed amendments to the current bylaws can be reviewed on the ballot and are listed as follows:

Amendments to Increase Representation

  1. Clarifying that students can vote in Division elections
  2. Creating a Community Engagement Member at Large
  3. Creating a Early Career Professional Member at Large
  4. Creating a Community Engagement Committee
  5. Creating an Early Career Professional Committee
  6. Renaming a Member at Large to Latina/Latino/Latinx

Amendments to Improve Governance and Operations

  1. Restructuring the Program Committee into a Convention Committee
  2. Restructuring the Publications Committee into a Communication Committee
  3. Decreasing the size of the Fellows Committee
  4. Creating a Division 45 Research Conference Committee
  5. Creating an Awards Committee

Proposed Amendments 1 thru 6 are intended to give greater representation and voice to key segments of the Division such as students and Early Career Professionals while also insuring that engagement and service for Communities of Color are central to Division activities, programs and operations. Amendments 4 and 5 create the governance infrastructure to develop activities and programs that directly serve Early Career Professionals and Communities of Color. Amendment 6 renames a Member at Large position to advance gender inclusivity.

Proposed Amendments 7 thru 11 are designed to enhance Division governance and operations. The restructuring of current committees in Amendments 7 thru 9 aligns these committees with the Division’s current practices and needs and increases efficiency. Amendments 10 and 11 are creating new committees to institutionalize the Division’s existing commitment to key activites such as the Division 45 Research Conference and the recognition and honoring of our members. 

For your review, members can find both a) the current version of the Bylaws and b) the proposed Bylaws amendments down below. Questions about the ballot or voting process can be directed to Alvin Alvarez at aalvarez@sfsu.edu.

Thank you for voting and supporting Division 45!


Art Blume, President, Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race

Alvin Alvarez, Past President, Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race

Proposed Bylaws

Click here to read the proposed bylaws with amendments highlighted (PDF)

Current Bylaws

Click here to read the current bylaws adopted January 2018 (PDF)