2015 APA Convention Update: Featured Programs

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Doris F. Chang, Div 45 2015 Program Chair
Grace S. Kim, Program Co-Chair
Nancy Ng, Student Assistant

After culling though hundreds of excellent program proposals, we are pleased to announce an exciting slate of programs for this year’s APA Convention to be held August 6-9 in Toronto, Canada.  Reflecting President Stanley Sue’s presidential theme of “Forty Years of Cultural Competency Research: What Have We Learned?”, the program includes sessions that critically review the state of the field, as well as those that showcase innovations in research, scholarship, teaching and practice.

In addition to annual program activities such as the award winning Links and Shoulders speed mentoring session, the James Jones Conversation Hour, and the co-sponsored Dance (with Division 35), the Division is sponsoring 14 symposia, 2 skills-building sessions, 1 discussion, and 3 poster sessions. We will publicize the specific dates, times, and location of the activities closer to convention.

Featured programs include:

  • Race/Ethnic Relations and the Obama Presidency:  Perspectives of Some Leaders in the Field (Presidential Invited Session). Participants: Helen Neville, Derald Sue, Melba Vasquez, James Jones, Mona Amer, and Joe Trimble.
  • How has the multicultural competence movement made a difference? Where should we go from here? (Collaborative Program). Participants: Doris F. Chang, Roger Worthington, Gordon C. Nagayama-Hall, Lilian Comas-Diaz, Rebecca Toporek, Brian Smedley, and Teresa LaFramboise.
  • At the Intersections of Privilege, Power, and Identities: Teaching about Diversity (Collaborative Program). Participants: Grace S. Kim, Kermit Crawford, Michael Cunningham, Julie Koch, Jill Paquin, and Karen Suyemoto.
  • Empowering Brothas and Sistas across Generations: Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Joseph White. A series of programs and events co-organized by Division 45, 17, CEMA, and CEMRRAT2
  • Structural Racism and Critical Psychology: Damage, Desire, and Participatory Research. Participants: William Cross, Michelle Fine, Helen Neville, Maria Torre, Brett Stoudt, and Yasser Payne
  • Innovative Prevention Programs for Racially Diverse Families and Youth. Participants: Richard M. Lee, Xiang Zhou, Melanie Domenech-Rodriguez, and Anna Lau.
  • New Directions for Arab American Psychology Research. Participants: Germine H Awad, Julie Hakim-Larson, Karen L Haboush, Maisa S Ziadni, and Mona M Amer.

Division 45 is also proud to be a co-sponsor of 14 cross-divisional collaborative programs, including:

  • Gendered Journeys: Women, migration, and feminist multicultural psychology [Primary sponsor: Div 35]
  • Data Blitz: Current research on intersecting social identities [Primary sponsor: Div 9]
  • Undocumented migration in North America: Developing interdisciplinary research and perspectives [Primary sponsor: Div 24]
  • Intersectionality: New frontiers in psychological science and practice [Div 35]
  • Ethical practice in multicultural contexts [Primary sponsor: Div 29]
  • Hurting from the inside out: Identity-based bullying among adolescents [Primary sponsor: Div 16]

Travel Arrangements

Because the Convention will be held in Toronto, Canada, all participants will need a valid passport to enter the country.

 For information about obtaining or renewing a U.S. Passport, please follow this link:  http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports/apply.html

For international participants, please follow this link to determine passport and visa requirements for entry into Canada: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp

Thank you for submitting your work to APA’s Division 45. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

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